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It's a Small Small World!

I approached this woman a week ago at Zellers in Square One and after our little talk and showing interest in her, i gave her my email and cell number, though she was showing lots of nervousness, hesitation but frankly speaking that made her more attractive and cute.
Anyways, she didn't call me in this week, which i was expecting from the reaction i got the other day. But here's the part i wanted to share; i saw her today. And i saw her with her husband and now i'm thinking that whether she saw me or not? though we were in front of eachother for quite sometime. If she recognized me? If she told her husband what happened at Zellers and about me? And above all, i'm thinking this experience surely taught me some valueable, ass-saving lessons.

1. Never give your real name, or atleast use a nick.
2. Sometimes the other person is simply just not looking and you gotta respect it.

So Guys! share if anything like this ever happened to you, cause right now, i'd
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